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The basic structure of our integrative equine assisted therapy (EAT) program is a 3 hour session divided between an art project that changes weekly and horse time. Horse time includes feeding, grooming and bonding with our horses and donkey as well as riding lessons under the instruction of a PATH International certified instructor certified and equine specialist in mental health and learning (ESMHL), with the help of specially trained volunteers as needed.

We work with those facing varying challenges, including: 

  • special needs

  • trauma

  • bereavement

  • anxiety & depression

  • physical mobility issues

  • attention and behavioral issues


We can accept a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students per session.

Please contact us for scheduling, rates and packages.


We aim to provide need-based financial help whenever possible. 

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Camila Smith, LCSW


We are thrilled that Bright Strides will now be offering Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) sessions* in conjunction with Elation Wellness

Trained psychotherapist Camila Smith works with PATH Certified Instructor Danielle Roberts, using the bond between horse and human along with evidenced based treatment modalities to enhance wellness, treat underlying psychiatric conditions and develop coping skills. 

Sessions are available individually or in group format and tailored to each participant's emotional needs and goals.

For more information, visit Elation Wellness or contact us.

*EFP sessions may be billed through health insurance

Social distancing has inspired us all to think creatively, so we moved our programs online and adapted them to a virtual format. 
Given the increased ease of participation, we will continue to offer one hour individual and group zoom sessions which include: herd observation, therapeutic art exercises, and mindfulness lessons and practice.
Contact us for details or inquiries.
Many of our students cannot afford our sessions.

Please donate now to help change the life

of someone in need!

Interested in volunteering to brighten lives? Learn more here!

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